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myJot is a convenient tool for jotting down important information we use regularly such as social media, email, & other information for our day to day use.

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myScripture is your personal journal for taking notes during a sermon, bible study or group discussion. Even jot down the thoughts and revelations you want to capture during your personal study time.

  • Build a personal library of scripture notes with myScripture.
  • Record an audio journal and save the myScriptureAudio recording to your device.
  • Share myScripture journal entries via messaging, email & social media.

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What our users say

I use my iPhone for everything. While at church, I have my bible but use the bible app for different versions when the Pastor refers to them - and now I can keep track of all my notes on my iPhone. It's so convenient to have my notes sorted by title and reference scriptures. Pleasantly surprised that I can so easily save and share. I feel so organized!
I love using myScripture with my iPad - it's all at my fingertips and as easy as it is, I feel so high tech!
Using myScripture makes me want to take notes even more!